Kevin Hart Settles Trade Mark Lawsuit

Scott Montoya, the owner of Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions filed to dismiss his case against Kevin Hart earlier this month, on October 16. The former had originally filed a lawsuit, claiming the actor was attempting to rip off his work.

The court documents reveal that both parties agreed to end the battle and pay their own legal costs. According to the sources of The Blast, Lionsgate, who was a co-defendant in the case, paid the claimant a certain sum of money in order to settle the dispute the settlement money was furnished through Lionsgate’s insurance.

Hart had previously applied for three separate trade marks for ‘Laugh Out Loud’ in 2016. The said marks pertained to a new comedy enterprise he started with Lionsgate and Montoya had subsequently opposed those trade marks.

Apparently, a cease and desist letter was sent to Hart and the other side even attempted settlement negotiations earlier on in the case which proved unsuccessful. The claimant had alleged that Hart was leaching off the brand that has already ‘been seen by tens of millions of people over the past eight years’.

Montoya initially sued Hart, demanding an injunction against the actor for employing any ‘LOL’ trade marks and wanted all the profits that he had made off the trade marks.

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