Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Loyalty’ song faces lawsuit for copyright infringement

Rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar has recently been hit with a copyright infringement claim over his 2017 song ‘Loyalty’, which features Rihanna. The claimant is producer Terrence Hayes, who insists that Lamar’s song is identical to his own track of the same name, released back in 2011. As per the suit, it can be understood that Hayes insists his own song was obtained by Lamar and his production team, which led the claimant to argue Kendrick’s song ‘Loyalty’ had “copied the entire composition, including the title, melody, harmony and rhythm”, from the 2011 track.

The suit continues with allegations that the note combinations appear identical between the two songs, as well as focusing on a similar subject matter. Hayes is seeking a trial in which he wished to be granted any  “monetary advantages gained by the defendants through their infringement”. Further allegations state that Kendrick’s production team slowed down the track after which it was combined with another sample, in order to disguise the copying.

This copyright lawsuit is not a first for Kendrick, as he was previously sued over his song ‘All The Stars’, back in 2018, after allegations of stealing Lina Iris Viktor’s artwork, for the music video. His ‘Pray For Me’ number also landed Kendrick and his collaborator The Weeknd with a lawsuit over copyright infringement claims, however the latter was reportedly dismissed last month.

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