Kendall Jenner in IP hot water yet again over radio station

The reality television star Kendall Jenner has been hit with a trademark infringement claim concerning the name of her radio programme ‘Pizzaboys.’

The founder of a collective of graffiti artists based in California, who are also known as ‘Pizzaboyzzz,’ filed a suit against the New York DJ Daniel Chetrit and Jenner at the US District Court, for the Southern District of New York on April 3rd 2018.

The ‘Pizzaboyzzz’ business includes manufacturing clothes, decorative pins and other various products using the ‘Pizzaboyzzz’ trademark since 2015.

Founded in 2013, the collective soon established a fan base for its art pieces inspired by graffiti according to the claim. Then continuing in 2014 to follow the success with pizza-themed stickers and other collectible items, with an online store opening a year later. They have also opened an Instagram account in alignment with this success under the same name brand, which currently has 47,000 followers.

It is alleged that Chetrit and Jenner have been using the ‘Pizzaboyy’s’ name in conjunction with a online radio programme, an Instagram account and apparel which are in direct competition with the claimants trademark. It is claimed that Jenner and Chetrit filed two intent-to-use trademark applications for an online radio show and clothing under the name ‘Pizzaboys.’

The claimant submitted that “already the internet is rife with complaints by customers who are confused by nearly identical marks, particularly in view of the defendants’ efforts.” He went on to say that Jenner’s use of the name specifically targets his audience by exploiting his “unique themes” and content. Karageuzian believes that consumer confusion will only intensify and his brand will suffer irreparable injury without judicial intervention.

The defendants were seen in 2016 wearing ‘Pizzaboys’ clothing while handing out free pizza from Joe’s pizza, whose Instagram account links the above image to the claimant’s Instagram account. Causing further confusion among the claimant’s and defendants fans.

The defendants’ launched their own ‘Pizza Boys’ Instagram account in March this year, using it as a platform to launch their online radio show. The suit also claimed that they have ‘Pizza Boy’ apparel in stock and intend to distribute it by way of sale.

The claimant is seeking injunctive relief and monetary damages.

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