Keep your mark protected with a trade mark watch service

A trade mark watch service could heighten your protection extensively by giving you the option to oppose.

It is a common misconception that you are fully covered once you have registered your trade mark however, another brand could still quite easily apply to register a mark that is highly similar or even identical to yours. A trade mark watch service could prevent this.

Trade made watching is a procedure completed by either the individual owner of the trade mark, or someone on their behalf.

These watch services are carried out because trade mark examiners do not always see the conflict between applications. This could effectively mean another individual and/or business could register a highly similar or even identical mark to that of your own. It is arguably harder to cancel a trade mark that is already registered in comparison to opposing one during its registration process – it is always better to catch any potential conflict sooner than later!

This service will enable the owner of a mark to monitor and analyse any marks of concern and will notify them – usually in a report form.

Lawdit offers a trade mark service which will keep you informed of applicants attempting to register highly similar or identical trademarks to your watched marks. With this information, it is then down to you to decide whether you feel they are similar enough to warrant any action (usually in the form of opposition or negotiation). Doing so will not only save you time, but potential costs in the long run too.

Take action and protect your mark today!

For more information on this article or if you have any questions relating to our trade mark watch service, contact Lawdit today.

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