Katy Perry in copyright clash over ‘Dark Horse’ single

Katy Perry who is a well-known American signer has subject to a ruling was made by the US courts about “her” hit single Dark Horse which features rapper Juicy J.

The single was released in 2013 and now six years later it has been alleged that Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry) has copied a significant part from a song called “Joyful Noise” by Marcus Tyrone Gray who is best known as “Flame” which was released in 2008. Statements made by Katy Perry were limited where her arguments failed to be successful. She became unstuck when Katy denied she had never heard the song, but statements were made how Katy’s career first started out as a Christian Artist which is best known for Flame’s genre.

So, what is the law regarding copyright?

Copyright is known as an exclusive right where works can be protected across the globe to prevent unfair advantage of another’s creative efforts. If a substantial part of the work is copied, their copyright is infringed. This has led to the discussion at trial where the focus was solely on the production of the song which led to further investigations which held a further six songwriters were liable also. The record label for Katy Perry was with Capitol Records, LLC which are known as the chief recording label company in the US. But doesn’t this raise the simple question shouldn’t they have known better as a brand to be familiar and understand copyright like the back of their hand.

Katy Perry and rapper star Juicy J won an award in 2014 at the Americans MTA awards for Best Female Music Video where she has been successful and sold over 13 million copies of this song. The current decisions lie in the hands of the US court where they must decide based on how much in damages will be owed towards Flame.

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