Jury deliberate in Oracle Corp -v- Google Inc $1 Billion case

In the copyright case of Oracle versus Google where Oracle are suing Google for copyright infringement of their Java programming language used in smart phone technology for over $1 billion, the judge has handed the case to the jury to be decided.

Oracle’s claim is based on the fact that Google’s Android operating system infringed it patents and copyright relating to their Java language.

Java, which was originally owned by Sun Micro Systems, was recently acquired by Oracle for over $7 Billion.

Oracle’s attorney described the creation of the Java software as “kind of like creating a symphony” in his closing argument saying that it had taken years of creative thinking to design the Java language.

Google’s attorney said that Sun Micro Systems had originally supported Android and that it was only when Oracle decided not to bring out a smart phone of their own that they brought the action against Google quoting “It isn’t until after they failed that they brought this lawsuit”.

The jury will initially decide on the claim of copyright infringement before hearing evidence about Oracle’s claim of patent infringement.

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