John Lewis under fire by authors for Christmas copying claims

Something that has become a big part of the festive season in recent years is Christmas TV adverts.

Shops and businesses go above and beyond each year to make sure their advent is the most discussed and unique. However, it seems this year there is a question mark over the authenticity of one of the big ones.
Arguably the most anticipated advert each year is the John Lewis advert. This year it depicted Edgar the dragon who scares his village with his over eagerness for Christmas, until his young friend cooks up a Christmas pudding solution.

The video of the advert has already had over 250k views and it has not been out for a week yet, showing how popular and widespread its reach is.
Seeing this advert, two authors have come forward claiming that the idea for the advert has been taken from their books.
The first author is Jen Campbell who claims her book ‘Franklin’s flying bookshop’ has a very similar plot, being a dragon who has a young girl as a friend to help the dragon become friends with his neighbours. Campbell has tweeted about the resemblance, but it isn’t clear if she has taken further legal action or advice.

A second author has also come out to express a concern. Danielle Smurthwaite claims the advert copies her book ‘Popcorn the Unicorn’ which is a story about a unicorn who causes havoc with his horn when he is too excited but eventually finds something he can do to make people happy. Smurthwaite also has said the design of John Lewis’s character is similar to her illustration.
John Lewis have dismissed both claims, releasing a statement to confirm their characters and stories are always original. Having a similar issue in 2017, it seems that John Lewis have not learnt their lesson.

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