JLO hit with paparazzi picture copyright claim

Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to have been on the receiving end of a copyright infringement claim for posting a paparazzi picture on social media.

As we have explained before, the subject of a picture is not the owner of such picture. If a photographer has taken a picture of a celebrity, they own that image and it is up to them as to where it can be posted.

JLO posted a picture on her Instagram in 2017 of her and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez. The copyright owners of this image are Splash News and Picture Agency and they are now filing a copyright claim against her.

They are seeking $150,000.00 on the grounds that the images were distributed to millions of people on Instagram, without permission of the copyright owner. In addition, an injunction is sort to stop the posting of the image in the future.

It is unclear how JLO has reacted to this, watch this space.

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