Its ACE against Pirate with the goliath strength of Netflix, Amazon and BBC worldwide

TickBox TV is a Kodi powered streaming device which has been battered in a US District Court costing them over $25 million in damages.

This decision was backed by a permanent injunction and an order to “immediately cease all piracy activities” including compelling the device seller to “remove, or disable access through its menus to software that links to pirated content.”

This claim was initiated by Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, commonly known as ACE, which is a coalition of 30 members including Netflix, Amazon and BBC Worldwide that was formed in 2017 to tackle online piracy. This particular battle was after TickBox was accused of inducing and contributing to copyright infringement back in October 2017. Tickbox sells its computer hardware which allows people to infringe the ACE members TV shows and movies.

 Jolyon Kimble, a representative of ACE said that Atlanta-based TickBox and many other piracy devices and streaming apps are a “threat to the millions of creators around the world who make films and television shows. She added that the stipulated judgment and permanent injunction is a significant victory for ACE and the creative community, ensuring TickBox will no longer sell illegal access to pirated movie and television content and sets an important legal precedent” that will reduce the harm of illegal and unsafe piracy devices and apps.”

Looking at the claim file, it stated “TickBox sells ‘TickBox TV,’ a computer hardware device that TickBox urges its customers to use as a tool for the mass infringement of the plaintiffs’ copyrighted motion pictures and television shows. The TickBox TV instructional video urges the customer to use the ‘Select Your Theme’ button on the start-up menu for downloading addons. The ‘Themes’ are curated collections of popular addons that link to unauthorized streams of motion pictures and television shows.”


A win against online piracy. We will keep an eye out to see if any other actions take to the centre stage.

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