Isle of Wight Man – A hero to all parents

The Isle of Wight Council had asked the High Court to clarify whether a seven-day absence amounted to a child failing to attend regularly. The High Court said that it wasn’t and now the government wil change the law.

Utterly stupid and a complete waste of money from the Council. All it needed was some discretion from the Council but its refusal to budge on this issue has cost the tax payer tens of thousands.

Well done Mr Platt and his legal team

The government says it will now consider making alterations to the law.

“We will look at the judgement in detail but are clear children’s attendance is non-negotiable so we will now look to change the law,” said a spokesman for the Department for Education.

The BBC reported that

Almost 64,000 fines were issued for unauthorised absences between September 2013 and August 2014.

Isle of Wight’s leader of the Council a Mr Bacon said “Today’s ruling may be taken to imply that parents can take children out of school on holiday for up to three weeks every year. This will clearly have a detrimental affect on the education of those children” What tosh.

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