IP minister takes steps towards unified patents across EU


Intellectual Property Minister Baroness Neville Rolfe DBE attended the signing of the Unified Patent Court protocol agreement in Luxembourg along with similar representatives from the other EU member states.

The Baroness made some statements in relation to the signing when speaking at the Competitiveness Council in Brussels including

“The Government wants the UK to be part of a European patent system that supports growth and fosters innovation.”

“Today we are a step closer to the realisation of a new single unitary patent and Unified Patent Court providing uniform protection for UK business in up to 26 EU Member States”

“This signing represents a milestone in the UK’s and others preparations for the introduction of the Unified Patent Court to support the UK’s and Europe’s leading edge innovative companies.”

“The Central division of the UPC, in London, will further strengthen the UK’s legal and professional services sector, and reinforce London’s status as a world leading centre for dispute resolution.”

This is a welcome sight for many Intellectual Property experts across the UK as this is something many have been advocating for. A unified patent across the EU would aid UK business tremendously as it brings down the barriers to UK firms that want to make the most of the cross-European market by offering them protection for their inventions.

The UK IPO also states that it would be a “cost effective option for innovative businesses wanting to protect and promote their inventions across much of Europe.”

The Preparatory Committee aims to complete its work by June 2016 with a view to the UPC opening at the beginning of 2017.

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