IP Basics- Should I get a trade mark?

Any business in operation has a trade mark, whether it is known to them or not. What separates businesses that are proactive in protecting their brand is registration.

A trade mark can be a word, phrase or logo that is used to identify your business. By registering your trade mark, it allows you to create a clear brand for your customers to identify you by. It also allows you to build a reputation and create a good name for yourself.

Above all this it gives you the right to protect against any person who attempts to copy your mark and run another business under your name which could damage your reputation.

To get a registered trade mark, you need to make an application through the UK Intellectual Property Office. This can be done online by yourself, but we recommend getting the advice from an IP expert to aid your application and make it as successful as it can be. Our IP team here at Lawdit can offer you advice and support for any application.

To be successful in your application, there is a number of criteria your mark needs to abide by. As stated above, your mark can be a word, phrase or logo as long as it can be graphically represented. Another key factor is that your mark needs to be distinctive and cannot be descriptive of the product or services you offer as well as any common words in the industry. Any offensive words or images are also prohibited. Another key element is the need for honesty. Your mark can not indicate to your potential customers that you are or offer something you are not.

Once you have a successful trade mark registration, your mark will last for 10 years with the chance of renewal indefinitely. You also have the chance to expand your protection to other countries than the UK.

To take advantage of the opportunity to create a clear brand for your business that is protection, do not hesitate to contact Lawdit Solicitors on 0800 862 0157 or 023 80235979.

If you’d like to know more about this article please send an email to Ellis Sweetenham quoting the article title and any questions you might have, alternatively call the office number on 02380 235 979 or send an enquiry through our contact form.

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