IP Basics- Shall I get a patent?

There is nothing worse than putting a large amount of time and money into should for someone else to copy it from you and profit from it.

This is especially relevant to inventions or products that can take years to develop or thousands to produce.

The way to combat this is protection. And the protection you need is a patent.

A patent can protect how a product works, what is made from, what they do or how they are made.

The key to a successful patent application is originality. There cannot be any existing technology that is the same as yours for your patent to be successful. There can never be any guarantee that a patent application will be successful but by instructing a Patent Attorney you can get expert advice on how to move forward.

The process to gain a patent can be very lengthy. Not only does the product need to be fully developed before the application is made, it also takes a long time for the UK Intellectual Property Office to determine whether the technology submitted already exists.

It also is an expensive step, like the well-known phrase says time is money.

If you are unsure whether patents are the best next step for you, get expert advice. Be careful who you explain your ideas to as there is nothing to stop anyone stealing your idea and register it first. Qualified Patent Attorneys and Solicitors have to abide by the doctrine of confidentiality therefore you can be safe in the knowledge your ideas and plans will not be broadcasted by the experts.

For more information and guidance as to applications visit the UK Intellectual Property Office’s website or contact Lawdit Solicitors.

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