IP Basics- Is copyright important to my business?


Differing from other types of intellectual property, copyright covers a wide range of products.

Copyright offers protection to a number of works including literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works as well as computer programmes and software, broadcasts and film and TV recordings.

Copyright occurs in works automatically if they are an original creation of the owner. There is no need to register your copyright but you may want to include a © to make it clear to others that you own the copyright in the said work and you are serious about your intellectual property rights.

Copyright protection in literary, musical, artistic and dramatic works last for the life of the creator plus 70 years. Protection in other works differs slightly but the majority of works will be covered by the first four.

As with all intellectual property being clear about copyright can give you is key. The protection copyright gives you can prevent people copying your work, distributing copies of it, renting or lending it, performing or playing your work in public, putting it on the internet or making an adaptation of your work.

Not only is your copyright work protected in the UK, through international conventions it could also be protected in other countries. It would be best to clarify this before you try to rely on this.

To be clear of any copyright protection you own, get in contact with Lawdit for advice.

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