International Copyright protection

You may be secure with your copyright protection rights in the UK but what happens if someone copies your copyright protected works on the other side of the world?

Other types of intellectual property rights, such as trade marks, requires registration within the countries the owner seeks protection. However, as copyright protection arises automatically, the situation here differs.

The UK in its own right ( and as a member of the EU) have signed international treaties which mean the other signatories of these treaties will recognise UK copyright protection in their country.

The two key treaties here are the Berne Convention and the Rome Convention.

The Berne Convention protects literary and artistic works and allows the owner to be safe in the knowledge that their copyright protection will be recognised in the current 164 countries who are a signatory to the convention. Becoming a member does force the countries to bring their copyright laws up to the same standard of the other countries.

To cover the other forms of copyright protected works, the Rome Convention was created to provide protection for performers and producers of recordings and broadcasts. The Rome Convention was introduced more recently than the Berne Convention to develop with technology and ensure the protection provided is still relevant. With less members at 94 countries, the Rome convention still allows protection in a wide range of countries.

If you have any questions or need any further information about your copyright protection, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Lawdit’s copyright team today.

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