Intel defeats VLSI in a $3 billion patent infringement lawsuit.

VLSI Technology has initiated three lawsuits against chipmaker Intel, after allegations that the latter infringed on VLSI’s patents. In the first dispute, a Texas jury ruled that Intel must pay the sum of $2.2 billion in damages for the infringement, however that decision is awaiting appeal.

In the second and separate lawsuit, VLSI claimed damages of $3 billion with allegations that Intel infringed on two other patents purchased from NXP Semiconductors, concerning technologies used in MP3 players. Intel stated that its engineering teams have been making processors for various devices throughout the decades. Further, the jury rejected the meritless claims that Intel’s processors could be found to infringe on expired patents connected to the MP3 player technology in question.

The third lawsuit is scheduled for a hearing next month and until then, Intel can enjoy their win against the patent troll. The latter is a term used to describe a company that targets patent infringement claims against market giants, with the aim of making a profit. Besides being a semiconductor manufacturer, VLSI holds no other streams of income other than the lawsuits aimed at Intel. Be sure to stay tuned for further updates on this matter, on our reading room.

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