Instagram do not plan on placing fees for links in captions, despite recent patent filing

Despite what Instagram’s recent patent filing with the USPTO may imply, the social media giant insist that they will not ask for any payments when one wishes to add a link to their caption. Links cannot be added to captions regardless, so users have applied different methods overtime. The patent was originally submitted by Instagram’s parent company Facebook, back in 2016. A pop-up message was set to appear, asking the user if they wish to pay $2 in order to make their desired weblink go live.

The patent reads that if the system can detect a “string of link text identifying an address, the online system prompts the user to pay a fee” in order to generate the link. Amongst Instagram’s worldwide popularity, there is a continuous complaint that a website link cannot be added to the caption of a photo. Most people therefore tend to add the link in their profile bio, whereas verified users can also add links to their 24-hour stories.

Instagram have since responded by saying that the paid weblinks will not be making an appearance on their app anytime soon, or perhaps at all, as they show no intention of launching the feature, whether paid or unpaid.

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