Injunction granted against fake news: sign of things to come?

A British businessman and his lawyers, have made history, and have successfully had an injunction granted preventing the continuation of an online ‘fake news’ campaign.

The victim, who cannot be named but is indicated as a British Businessman, argued that he was the target of a campaign of false and twisted stories posted on social media which amounts to defamation.

The issue with many cases previously is the lack of identity on which to base any legal action. A lot of damage can be made behind a computer screen which can go unpunished as those people can remain faceless.

However, this case is believed to set a legal precedent and will undoubtedly made an impact on future claims against those who create and spread fake news and hate speech.

The injunction granted in the current case was made against ‘persons unknown’ and served through an email address which was linked to accounts used to spread the vicious messages online.

This case comes at a time where fake news and the removal of hate speech is at the forefront, with a focus from governments across the world to ensure those committing these acts are properly punished.

The spreading of fake news can be very detrimental and left unchallenged can lead to a widespread of defamatory content online.

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