ICC releases guide to cyber security

The International Chamber of Commerce has released a guide to cyber security, specifically aimed at businesses. It aims to assist businesses in identifying and managing cyber security risks.

The guide is deliberately straightforward and easy to understand, having been aimed at managers in general rather than IT professionals specifically. Its four key sections cover five principles to bear in mind when dealing with risks which are associated with cyber security breaches and six actions to bolster cyber security systems. The guide is comprehensive and adopts a common sense approach, spanning issues from maintaining data backups and keeping systems up to date, to staff training monitoring and contingency plans when breaches arise.

Rather than setting out these base principles, the guide provides tips for implementing these steps, bearing in mind that it is aimed at a range of businesses which will have differing resources, systems and staff levels. The guide also provides a self-assessment questionnaire to allow businesses to evaluate their current policies and procedures and to identify weak points for improvement.

Having read the guide, it clearly sets out some useful tips for businesses to bear in mind. Whilst it is by no means definitive, mainly because it is aimed at such a wide audience, it is a fantastic tool for businesses to assess their current policies and procedures and to identify and remedy potential weaknesses in their cyber systems. The guide is made available by the International Chamber of Commerce and can be downloaded direct from their website by clicking here.

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