Huawei tops list of artificial intelligence intellectual property owners, with a maximum score

The company, Huawei, makes news as it is named as China’s most competitive intellectual property owner in artificial intelligence (AI), as reported by media company Hurun Report. The Artificial Intelligence Intellectual Property report in China ranks hundreds of successful AI firms, based on qualities such as level of innovation, capability and the maturity of their technological produce. Huawei scored the full 100 points on the test, which perhaps holds explanation as to why they possess the title of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker. This contrasts with the period of time the media tech giant spent on the blacklist (a total of 180 days). This prevented Huawei from purchasing US goods, however they appear to have come out on top. Huawei’s success was closely followed by Tecent, who came in second place with an impressive score of 99.7 points.

The noteworthy company’s continuous technological innovation will be sure to keep the firm in a high position within the ranks. The question which arises is how long can they hold onto number 1?

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