Huawei and its catalogue of Patents could help push through 5G proposals

Patents are very important and incredibly useful when it comes to technology and controlling how it is used. So, we thought we would have a look at the number of patents which are owned by the front-page news company Huawei.
Quick update to current news: Trump and Boris Johnson are both in discussions at the moment about allowing the use of Huawei technology to be used in the new 5G network expansion around the world. Trump is very much against this new role out in the US for security reasons and spying and has expressed his wish to ban all Huawei products ‘in the interest of national security’. He considers that allowing Huawei technology to be used for this new network will be a massive security breach. However, Boris can see some good points and is taking it to a meeting with the National Security Council to discuss.

The technology giant has been considered for use in the UK many times before because it is cheap apparently. BT among others have shown 10 years ago how to still use the Huawei technology but at the same time was able to manage the security risk from Huawei. It was a good strategy because now Huawei has a whopping 56,492 active patents on telecommunications, high tech inventions and networking worldwide. More importantly, a large number of these patents are used for critical technology.

Putting this into context, imagine if these patents are suddenly removed or licenses are revoked, or fees increased worldwide. The value of these patents has increased tremendously and the there are even in talks over protracted licensing talks with phone-services provider Verizon Communications Inc. and is in a dispute with chipmaker Qualcomm Inc.

The government has now argued that Huawei is the only option for providing the right sort of 5G equipment and at the right price. We have a sneaky suspicion that due to the amount of control that the Huawei have over their patents and the technology uses, it is likely that the UK will make a commercial decision rather than a full national security reason for rejecting it.

Patents and all other intellectual property rights can clearly help you to keep control in a certain market. Make sure that you protect yourself and your company and give us a call if you wish to discuss protecting your intellectual property now.

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