How to identify the Trolls

Who is the culprit? How to find out the identity of the person saying horrid things about you

When a user registers with say a blog and each time he subsequently accesses the blog its usual that the system records the IP address or IP number of the user’s computer.

It appears that the true identities of the users are obtainable from the internet service provider for example BT. So how do you get this information?

The process of obtaining the data is by way of an application to the High Court for a Norwich Pharmacal Order( ‘NPO’)

An NPO is an order from the Court requiring the third party to disclose the information. The Order would be along the lines of the following that would be required to be disclosed :-

1. A list of documents that are presently in your control and if specifying which of those documents or classes of documents are no longer in your control (and indicating what has happened to these documents) as referred to in the attached schedule

The Schedule 1

The Applicant seeks disclosure of all documents within the Respondent’s control that contain information relating to [DESCRIBE THE SUBJECT MATTER OF THE DOCUMENTS SOUGHT], including, but not limited to: [LIST THE DOCUMENTS OR CATEGORIES OF DOCUMENTS.]

If you have any questions or wish to explore the possibility of an NPO then We offer a free consultation. Get in touch and get these trolls!

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