How to apply for a registered design

When submitting an application for a registered design you will be required to give the following information: Details of the product or products to which the design is applied. This does not limit the design to that product but is intended to assist with filing and searching procedures an illustration of the design including enough different views of the design to ensure that there is no uncertainty about the nature of the design. If the design is for a repeating surface pattern, the illustration should show the complete pattern and any repeats. If the design is for the shape of a product, the best views are often those which show the product in perspective. An illustration can be provided in the form of drawings, photographs or samples the applicant also has the option to provide a brief description of the design if some features are not adequately shown in the illustrations such as lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and materials used, your consent to publish the design as soon as possible or a request for the publication to be deferred.

The Registrar will then grant a filing date if you have submitted an application with a specimen of the design pending the submission of paper representations. If an application is defective in any way, you have has 2 months to remedy the situation although this period may be extended by the Designs Registry.

Since 1 October 2006 it has been possible to apply for an unlimited number of new designs in one single application. In any application to register a design, you must either consent to the publication and therefore registration of the design/s or request that the publication and registration be deferred. If you elect to defer the publication you must apply for the design to be published within 12 months of the original application. If you fail to act within 12 months, the Designs Registry will treat the application as abandoned. This 12-month period cannot be extended.When submitting an application a £20 publication fee and a £20 deferral fee must be paid. Therefore, for a single application (or the first design in a multiple application) on which you can defer publication, the final fee will be £80 instead of £60. For any subsequent design in a multiple application, for each design which is deferred, the final cost will be £60 instead of £40.

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