Hopkins hit with Libel loss

Katie Hopkins, a woman well known for her offending statements and outbursts of honesty, has been hit with a loss over the libel case brought against her was awarded against her.

Jack Monroe, a writer and blogger, brought an action against the TV personality after Hopkins tweeted stating that Monroe supported the defacing of a war memorial during a demonstration.

The case was sparked by a twitter exchange in which Katie Hopkins tweeted about the defacing of the memorial and mistakenly stated that Monroe had supported this when it was columnist Laurie Penny who made a statement in support of the vandalism.

Hopkins continued to attribute Monroe with the offending statement, which lead to Jack receiving a substantial amount of abuse online.

After being refused an apology, Monroe then issued a defamation claim.

After a two year battle, Monroe was successful in her claim with Mr Justice Warby finding that Katie Hopkin’s tweets were defamatory and there had been damage to Monroe’s reputation.

£24,000 of damages, a form of compensation, was awarded along with some of Monroe’s legal costs.

This is a clear example that having a big opinion behind a screen will not always stay online.

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