Heat rising on BBC after announcement of potential Bake Off copycat show

The nation’s hearts were broken when it was announced that the Great British Bake Off was to be transferred to Channel 4 and our favourite faces from the show were not to follow it.

The BBC failed to make a sufficient bid to keep the smash hit on their channels, so it has been expressed that its new culinary offering may be a copy cat bid to fill the void.

The new BBC cooking show is ‘Britain’s Best Cook’ has been announced this week and will test amateur cooks with various challenges shown in weekly programmes. Sound familiar?

Another striking similarity and what has sparked the copycat concerns became clear in the most recent announcement.

A judge on ‘Britain’s Best Cook’ will be none other than the nation’s adopted Grandmother, Mary Berry. Mary was of course a judge on the Bake Off up until its move to Channel 4.

Can you hear the whisperings? Great British Rip Off?

The BBC have strongly denied the criticism that the show is a copycat of the one that got away, saying the shows are very different and this difference will be clearly seen when the show airs.

With the Great British Bake Off being such a hit and the scandal that occurred when the Channel 4 move was announced, it is clear this wont be the last we hear of these similarities.

Watch this space.

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