HBO and Showtime to sue over ‘Pre-Piracy’

HBO and Showtime are not known to sue pirates despite the knowledge that their shows are pirated millions of times each month.

On the 28th April, the two companies filed a complaint at the federal court in Florida targeting the websites and

Both websites are accused of planning to stream the upcoming Mayweather v Pacquiano fight.

This is unique, in the fact that the complaint was filed before the crime actually happened, reminiscent of the Minority Report. HBO and Showtime invest millions of dollars which they have to earn back through pay per view sales.

The cost of watching this fight through HBO and Showtime is between $89 – $100 and only to U.S customers which may be why these two websites have distributed previous fights to the world.

There are no authorised online streams of the fight for delivery to U.S audiences. The complaint clarifies that the defendants are seeking to benefit from this high profile fight by infringing the rights of the Plaintiffs.

The Plaintiffs have included a screenshot of the website which shows an advert stating the fight will be streamed on this website.

HBO and Showtime argue that the anticipated stream of the fight will infringe their rights and cause irreparable damage.

The companies have asked the court for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. In addition HBO and Showtime demand damages to compensate for the expected losses.

This has already had an effect as is no longer advertising the fight.

We will have to wait to see what the court rules in regards to pre-piracy.

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