Haribo hit with copyright Halloween headache over packaging

While Halloween can see some receiving treats, it seems Haribo are on the receiving end of a trick as they are now subject to a copyright infringement claim.

The confectionary company got into the Halloween spirit and released a product named ‘Haribo Trick or Treat Mix’ which was packaged in a black and purple wrapper which included innkeeping font.

It is this font which will leave a bad taste in Haribo’s mouth.

Font Diner, which is a company who creates custom fonts have alleged that its font software was used without authorisation to create that used on Haribo’s packaging.

Font Diner own the copyright in eleven computer programmes including the software to create the Stovetop typeface which was allegedly the offending font.

Font Diner highlight in their claim that Haribo commissioned a company called ‘Galazy Creative’ to design the sweet package. The claim would normally lie at their door as it was them who alleged did not purchase the license upgrade in which to use the font software.

However, Galaxy Creative have been dissolved and therefore the problem lays at Haribo’s door.

Font Diner are seeking $150,000 in damages.

It will be interesting to see if Haribo come under fire for this. It may make other businesses think a bit harder about those companies they commission work out to.Â

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