Hackers expose users of infidelity website Ashley Madison


It has emerged that infamous dating website, Ashley Madison, that encourages married users to be unfaithful has had a large-scale security breach.

It is thought to have had hackers steal and leak the personal information of its 37 million memebers which due to the nature of the website would rather have that information remain private.

in addtion to the breach of Ashley Madison, two other sites owned by the same parent company, Avid Life Media, have also experienced interference with their data.

The hackers in question have identifeid themselves as ‘the Impact Team’ and have made clear their intentions and motives behind the leaking of information.

The Impact Team’s main focus is in regards to Ashley Madison’s fee of £15 to carry out a ‘full delete’ of a customer’s personal information including any payment details. In contrast to the site’s free service, which permanently hides a customer’s profile, the ‘full delete’ service is the only way to completely eradicate their personal information from the site.

However, the Impact Team state that the promises made are in fact a lie and customer’s payment details are still kept on record, including full names and addresses.

The hackers are calling for Avid Life Media to take Ashley Madison and sister company, Established Men, offline completely or they will release more confidential information including employment documents and details.

Avid Life Media have released a statement apologising to their customers stating that they have now secured the site and are completing a full investigation into the culprits, which they believe to have identified.

It is clear, however, that they will have to work quickly to prevent another leak of confidential information which may affect them substantially.

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