Green Party proposal to Copyright laws

Last week the Green Party put forward their policies for a ‘Sustainable Society’ which included a proposal to lessen copyright terms to 14 years after the death of the author reduced from the current term of 70 years after the death of the author.Â

The idea was based on the research of Rufus Pollock who argued that the optimum term is 15 years (but the Green Party cut this down further).Â

The Green Party, when questioned about why it wanted to reduce the copyright term showed very little understanding of Copyright and  instead stated that it will further review its copyright policy.

Copyright system supporters insist that copyright is a form of welfare and authors have the right to earn money from their works and therefore the longer they have protection the better.

What is more interesting and has gone unnoticed is the fact that they have another policy to legalise the sharing of copyrighted works (without the copyright owner permission) as long as it is not in the course of business. I am sure that if they were questioned on this they would also show a lack of understanding.

What this shows is that the Green Party clearly understands the importance of copyright but lacks the depth of understanding to actually make the necessary changes to the copyright regime.Â

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