Google to launch its own music site

Google wants its cake and will eat it also, watch out iTunes- Google to launch own music website

Google is expected to luanch its own music website very soon as it has come to a deal with the music industry and agreed to downgrade illicit filesharing sites in its search results. This means that websites that offer or host unlicensed copies of songs and films will be relegated in Google search results. This will take place immediately and will have certainly been implemented when you read this.

It has been the right holder’s beef for many years, namely that Google has sought to direct people to unlicensed material online. It has facilitated the growth of such sites as Pirate Bay and MegaUpload and such activity has been a sticking point in any discussions it has had with the music indutsry. Well it is all about to stop.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI), welcomed Google’s news “This has the potential to be really significant, but it all depends how it is reflected in the results people see…”It makes us feel that Google is a little bit more on our side. Its helpful background music to these [Google Music] discussions, certainly.”

One music analyst commented “This is a great political step forward for Google …………….there is no doubt that what Google is doing is strategically linked to what they want to do with their own music service.” with the music industry

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