Google showing illegal streaming websites with an easy search

Google tries its absolute best to show relevant and useful information to the user but with pirate streaming sites still around, you can still get streaming websites relatively easily and Google even recommends then to you if you search anything like ‘best streaming sites’.

Streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Show Box, Putlocker can all get thrown into the same search results even if they are torrent stream sites which looks bad for Google but there seems to be no recognition between legal and illegal websites in the search engine.

Although, the pirated torrent sites have been at an all-time low recently with Google and many others purging the search engine from the sites forever. But with the sites dropping fast people are looking for alternatives and Google still show sites like Putlocker and Movie4k with an easy search.

If you type in ‘best torrent sites’ you get a list that Google has picked out for you to see which is quite questionable as Google wants to get rid of them but it is reckoned that this is automated and the search engine is just trying to be as useful as possible. These sites are ‘recommended’ but many don’t think that was the intention.

As Google pushes on to stop pirate torrent streaming websites we will most likely see a change in the search engine results as slowly, one by one, they will all disappear.

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