Google served record take down requests in 2014

British Phonographic Industry

Over 1 in six (approximately 60 million) of the take down requests were from the BPI, the collective representatives for the British Music Industry.

 Torrent freak has reported that the majority of the requests are usually honoured with the infringing links being removed, however Google may not take action if they consider the material does not infringe copyright or if they have removed the links previously.

In google’s October 2014 report the internet giant commented:

“Online piracy still remains a challenge and Google takes that piracy seriously”

“We develop and deploy anti-piracy solutions with the support of hundreds of Google employees. This regular report details those efforts, as well as how Google products and services create opportunity for creators around the world.”

Since the inception of online music videos and access to music online in general, the music industry in the UK and even globally has suffered significant financial loss, it seems the music industry is now taking a strong stance against copyright infringement.


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