Google getting better at stopping pirates on their search engine

Google has been going strong with the removal of pirate websites appearing in the search results with a new record of 2.5 billion pirate URLs taken down. This amazing number of takedowns have been possible due to an incredible increase to get rid of all existence of pirates in search results.

Also, copyright holders demand and requests are being completed quickly and as well as possible but even with such a massive number of pirates being sunk, people are still not pleased with google, especially rightsholders.

Google is managing with the constant stream of copyright holders wanting to get rid of pirate websites and are seeming to handle it quite well as a company as big as Google should.

If we go back just a few years, URLs that were affected by pirates were just getting removed by thousands a day but as the great push has recently happened, the removal of URLs are soaring in the millions now which is outstanding.

As of now roughly 90 percent of all requests are being sufficiently answered which in figures is around 2.5 billion.


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