Google AdWords – What are the Pros and Cons to the online business advertisement opportunity

Google Adwords have been in existence for a few years already, providing data and statistics for upcoming, interested businesses. If you are considering using this process, it is worth looking at the pros and cons below first. 

Advantages of AdWords:

  • The Adword creator is able to tailor their advertisements to specific geographical locations, giving them the opportunity to reach certain areas.
  • The creator can make the Adword on a variety of different devices – making the creation process easy to do in any situation or location. 
  • The business/company will only be charged when their Adword is clicked on,a great way to save money.
  • Google provides a performance tracker, enabling all companies to track their Adword’s success.
  • As Google is one of the most used search engines on the planet, the Adwords are sure to reach a lot of people.
  • The monthly budget limits are flexible, you do not have to commit to one forever as they can be amended after their creation.
  • Google has available tutorials for new starters to learn the process of creating Google AdWords.
  • It is free to create an account, leaving no company or business out of pocket by experimenting, before creating an Adword.

Disadvantages of AdWords: 

  • Every click on your Adword is a charge to your monthly budget, even if the clicker does not purchase anything from your business.
  • If you fail to make payments for the Adwords, then Google can immediately remove you and your account.
  • No data of your possible competitors are shared, so you will not know your achievements in comparison to a competitor.
  • It could take a lot of time to plan out the Adwords.
  • The minimum characters in an Adword is 70 characters, so your words must be chosen carefully to ensure you have the highest effect.

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