Google AdWords – The new virtual way to promote your business.

With the rise of online advertisements existing in the virtual world, it comes as no surprise that the online powerhouse Google has caught up with the market opportunity for virtual displays. With the hunger for online advertisement increasing for brands and companies, the creation of Google AdWords couldn’t have come at a better time.

Google AdWords – What is it? 

Google Adwords is a system created by Google in 2018 that enables businesses and companies to display their ads on Google’s search engine result pages. When a business creates an ad, they will also connect the ad to Keywords that will establish what searches they appear on. They will emerge on Google’s results page when someone is looking for a product or service that that business offers. The new service is largely focused on the keywords.

Businesses and companies can set a monthly budget limit that Google will never exceed. Each time their advertisement is clicked on by a searcher, the payment will be taken out of that budget. Businesses also have the opportunity to pause or adjust their budget at any time. The advertisements can be set up via a Computer, Mobile, Laptop or Tablet and can turn Google searches into paying customers.

The Adwords are displayed within Google’s networks, including Online Shopping, Youtube, Gmail, Search and Display, making it the perfect marketing opportunity for new businesses to gain new customers.

How does it work?: 

  1. A business or company must sign up to create an account. This process is free and available to anyone.
  2. A monthly budget limit must then be set, to ensure your costs do not exceed your sales. 
  3. The business’ target audience then needs to be decided. This includes limiting the viewer’s geographical location if the business wants to reach a certain area. 
  4. A Network must then be chosen. The choice is between a Search Network, that places the Adwords on the Search Engine Page, or the Display Network, that focuses them on any website that displays ads. 
  5. Keywords for the Adwords must now be chosen. This is one of the most important steps, as it decides when and under what terms or phrases will your Adword be displayed. You are allowed to choose between 15 and 20 keywords first, with the option to choose more at a later stage.
  6. Your bid must now be set. This is your payment limit for every Adword click. This is also where bidding comes in – If you and another business or company are bidding on the same keyword, the higher the payment, the higher their Adword will appear in the search engine results. 
  7. Here you can now write your Adword for your service or product to be displayed.
  8. After you have saved the previous stage, Google will then ask you for your payment details and further information about your business or company.
  9. Now the Adword will be launched within Google.

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