Girl Scouts v Boy Scouts: Name change battle

After a change in structure the decision to change the name of the Boy Scouts of America has caused some friction with the Girl Scouts of United State of America.

Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts of America made the decision to allow both girls and boys to become members. To reflect this, they agreed to change the name to just Scouts of America.

However, this has not gone down well with the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, a separate organisation, who deems the name change as conflicting with their own and causing them ‘unique damage’. They also claim that the name change has already caused confusion as to whether the two groups have merged.

The Girl Scouts group have filed a claim against the Boy Scouts group claiming trade mark infringement and brand damage, seeking damages and an injunction as a remedy.

Responding to the claim, the Boy Scouts of America issued a statement stating that they feel there is ‘opportunity for both organisations to serve the girls and boys in our communities’.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out and what the outcome will be.

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