Gigi Hadid under fire yet again for copyright infringement over Instagram post

The social media savvy ones amongst us know how addictive photo sharing app Instagram can be. Its an instant way to keeping up with your favourite celebrity and finding out exactly what they are up to.

As a user, it is really easy to share other peoples post that resonates with you, however many celebrities have fallen foul of copyright infringement action for a simple re-gram.

A recent and continued offender of this, is model Gigi Hadid.

While the photos she shares are of her, it seems she is failing to grasp the fact that these photos are subject to copyright protection and by not tagging the photographer and owner of the copyright protection, she is infringing their protection.

The recent claim was filed by Xclusive Lee Inc over a photo taken on 11 October 2018 in New York. It is stated that the image was posted to Hadid’s Instagram account without any indication as to the copyright owner. The photo amassed 1.6 million likes before being deleted.

Hadid has kicked back posting in October about the complaint and stating that the photo she found on twitter wasn’t tagged and she didn’t have any way of finding the owner. She does state that if the owner had approached her, she would have added the credit straightaway.

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