German Court rules that YouTube is not obliged to give out user data.

A recent ruling in Germany has established that YouTube is not obliged to release any details of users who illegally upload movies on the site. This came after a German company demanded the IP addresses and e-mails of three different users in order to trace their activity.

The Court ruled that YouTube was not required by EU and German copyright law to expose the infringers, who illegally uploaded two films six years ago. In the case of infringement, the need for ‘name and address’ was required however, as confirmed by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the term ‘address didn’t incorporate e-mail or IP address’.

Article 8 of EU’s 2004 copyright directive enables “competent judicial authorities to intervene in disputes over infringement and rights of intellectual property”. At present, EU law regarding internet use and platforms is still adopted in German law, however, debates arise on the topic of ‘upload filters’. The latter program aims to scan content and to prevent infringing videos from entering the site.

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