Game of Thrones pirates arrested in India

It should be no surprise to fans of Game of Thrones, the most pirated TV show in history, that a recent episode was leaked a few days prior to its official release. What would possibly be more interesting, is that there have already been arrests made in conjunction with this incident.

Four men have been arrested in India. Three of the men work for Prime Focus Technologies, which is the local name for a Mumbai-based company which allows people to watch Game of Thrones on their app, legally. The other man was a previous employee of Prime Focus. It was Prime Focus who complained that the video had been leaked. The local authorities in India were congratulated for their quick response.

Although the video was only released a couple of days early, viewers swarmed to their computers and downloaded it right away. The episode had a watermark ‘Star India’ and the words ‘for internal viewing only’, on the top of the screen. It was clearly a pirate copy.

For more information on this, see Andy’s article on Torrent Freak:Â

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