Future AirPods could detect gestures and feature rotary volume control

Apple’s continuous product evolution doesn’t just provide us with new useful products, but also with improved version of ones which we may currently possess. The company’s new patent suggests that the next generation of AirPods could detect gestures and potentially even feature buttons or scroll wheels. The patent in question is titled as “wearable interactive audio device” and consists of drawings which resemble a basic AirPod.

The patent appears to suggest the idea that a user may be able to wave their hand infront of the device in order to control the volume. Another possible inclusion could be that of a rotary wheel. The patent application also states that “many traditional earbuds suffer from significant drawbacks that may limit the availability to control sounds”, further confirming  Apple’s clear intention to better the response of the AirPods.

As an example, the patent states that the incorporated sensors may be used to detect the proximity of a user’s hand, thus changing the capacitance as it edges closer. Furthermore, other methods may include waving your hand in order to adjust the volume, a feature which is not present in the current AirPods. It is likely that the described design is being considered for Apple’s future AirPods or potentially other similar devices. 

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