FUNimation and KissAnime

KissAnime is a site used by millions to watch various different anime series that are streamed illegally and this in its self has caused an uproar at FUNimation. One of the targeted anime called “One Piece” was mainly attacked for being streamed illegally and 1337 people were taken to court for doing so.

FUNimation no longer targets individuals but wants the whole of KissAnime gone and with the use of the US legal system they hope that KissAnime is shut down for good. But with millions of viewers per day KissAnime has always been a go to website for anime fans and it has risen to being listed as one of the top 250 websites viewed in the US alone.

By KissAnime becoming this popular it has caused pains and problems for FUNimation and this has been the main cause for why FUNimation wants to target and stop them all together.

FUNimation has traced down a CDN IP address and this traced all the way back to a US cloud hosting platform by the name of DigitalOcean and has requested the company to disable all links to the associated link.

FUNimation has said “FUNimation hereby requests that Digital Ocean expeditiously causes all such infringing materials to be removed or blocked”

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