France’s Facebook sued for nude painting

A French man has sued for over £10,000 for damages after his account was closed after he had uploaded the painting The Origin of the World.

The painting as all lovers of art will know is by the French artist Coubert from 1866.


The ruling by the Paris appeal court could set a legal precedent in the country, where Facebook has more than 30 million regular users it also sends a signal to Facebook to curb its arrogant view that it can dominate practically every country in the world and offer its services to every citizen but not be answerable to the same people it relies on when things go wrong.Â

The lawyer representing the teacher said: “This is a great satisfaction and a great victory after five years of legal action.” Stephane Cottineau told the Associated Press the ruling sent a message to all “web giants that they will have now to answer for their possible faults in French courts”.

“On one hand, Facebook shows a total permissiveness regarding violence and ideas conveyed on the social network. And on the other hand, [it] shows an extreme prudishness regarding the body and nudity,” he said.

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