Fortnite under fire for allegedly stealing dance moves

Rapper Milly Rock has made a copyright claim against online game Fortnite’s owners on the grounds that they stole his dance moves.

The dance in question is called the ‘Milly Rock’ and was performed in a music video in 2014. Terrence Ferguson, which is the rapper’s real name, submitted evidence highlighting that the video has nearly 18 millions views on YouTube.

Epic Games, who are the creators of the online smash hit Fortnite, have allegedly stolen the dance to use for one its ‘emotes’. Emotes are add-ons players can purchase which causes their avatar to move in a certain way which displayed.

Due to the games extremely quick growth in popularity, having sales in excess of $1 billion, the emote dance moves have become easily recognisable by gamers.

The claim states that Epic Games have exploited him as an artist and will continue to do so to others, giving the false impression that the emotes are causing unique dance crazes.

Milly Rock is seeking damages, which could be a big sum, and an injunction to stop Epic Games using the dance move in the future.

Time will tell if this case will continue or will be settled behind closed doors- will we have a dance battle on our hands, only time will tell!!


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