Forget the Garrick what about Isle of Wight bingo?

Well not really…..but the Isle of Wight voted in May to keep same sex bingo and ban male members. Anne Smith a Ventnor councillor told the press:

‘Our womenfolk have the right to enjoy the tensions and releases associated with the excitement of bingo in a safe women-only environment, the idea of mixed ‘bingo’ may be appropriate to ‘continentals’ who doubtless have their own ways, especially where hygiene is concerned, but on our island, nobody wants any confusion over traditions related to two fat ladies, better known as Mrs G Smythe from Ryde and Ms T M Smithson, also from Ryde. They should be allowed to enjoy ‘bingo’ together without the kind of innuendo that male interference might cause.’

Move over Garrick this is (was) news.

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