Forever 21 once again on receiving end of copycat claim

Mara Hoffman, designer, has again filed an action against clothing brand Forever 21 for copying one of her original prints.

Forever 21 has become notorious for watching what is popular in the fashion world and shamelessly copying it for their own products.

Their team of lawyers must be very busy and that is not going to slow down any time soon as New York based fashion designer Mara Hoffman has filed an action against them claiming that they have copied one of her original prints for their swimwear products.

The print in question, the ‘leaf’ fabric print, is protected by copyright as it is original and therefore Hoffman alleges that Forever 21 has “infringed [its] copyright by manufacturing, importing, displaying, distributing, selling, offering for sale, promoting and advertising women’s swimwear which exploit, use or otherwise incorporate a design unlawfully taken from Mara Hoffman’s copyrighted work.”

At least one item of clothing which Hoffman claims is infringing is still on sale on Forever 21’s website.

This is not the first time Forever 21 have come under fire from Mara Hoffman as she had already sued them twice for copyright infringement of a similar nature. In 2012, Forever 21 had allegedly infringed Hoffman’s ‘Chief’ print. Just a year later, problems arose again but this time in relation to the use of Hoffman’s ‘Arrows’ print. Both these claims were settled out of court before trial took place.

Mara wishes this to be the last claim and is pushing for Forever 21 to be reprimanded for their continuing disregard for her copyright protection.

Its seems that Forever 21 has not received enough punishment to prevent them from continuing to ignore copyright protection. This may be the case where their luck runs out.

Three strikes and they are out. Time will tell.

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