Ford denied trade mark protection in Russia

American car manufacturer Ford Motor Company and the owner of arguably one the most valuable brands in the world has been denied application for its well-known trade mark. This decision means that Ford Motor Company has been denied the ability to assert exclusive rights to both its name and logo against any users in Russia across all goods and services.
Ford had submitted an application for trade mark protection for its logo in the form of a blue oval with “Ford” written inside as a word. This has been used extensively in Russia since 1 June 2007 as identification for cars, car parts and accessories. However in March 2014 the Federal service for Intellectual Property, Patents and trademarks (Rospatent) rejected ford’s application for trade mark protection for its iconic blue oval.
Ford Motor Company sought to overturn the original decision made by Rospatent. However Russia’s Intellectual Property Court have upheld the original decision and have has ruled against Ford Motor Company.
Rospatent have ruled that the evidence provided by Ford Motor Company was not sufficient in proving its claim that the word “Ford” is used extensively in Russia. Further Rospatent commented that “different forms of the trademark with the word “ford” were used to mark Ford vehicles throughout its history.

Written by work experience student: Fozia Cheychi

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