Ford asks the Court to dismiss GM’s lawsuit over ‘BlueCruise’ feature

Ford has just filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit from rival GM over Ford’s BlueCruise self-driving vehicle feature. The trade mark infringement lawsuit was filed by GM last month and claimed that the name “BlueCruise” appeared far too similar to “Super Cruise”, the name of GM’s hands-free driving technology.

As per the complaint, Ford argued that the word “cruise” has been in “ubiquitous use” over the past 50 years. Furthermore, the company elaborated that the term is understood by consumers as referring to a feature in their vehicle which performs a partial amount of the driving or at least largely assists with it, therefore it is not associated with any company or brand. 

Ford announced the ‘BlueCruise’ name back in April, which was shortly followed by the infringement suit from GM. As per the lawsuit, filed on 23 July 2021, GM alleged that “Ford knew exactly what it was doing” and if it was to adopt a new and more unique brand, it could have done so without making use of the word ‘cruise’.

Ford has labelled these claims as “meritless”, adding that for decades drivers have understood what cruise control is, as every automaker offers it. In addition to the requested dismissal of the case, Ford has petitioned the USPTO to rescind GM’s trade marks of “Cruise” and “Super Cruise”.

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