First Pirate Group Prosecuted

Five men have pleaded guilty in the UK after being caught uploading thousands of movies to Peer 2 Peer networks.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (‘FACT’) have been pursuing the individuals since February 2013. Following a hearing in September last year, the case was heard in Wolverhampton Crown Court last week. The case was a culmination of three years investigative work in to the source and supply of copyrighted movies by FACT.

In line with previous FACT-led prosecutions, copyright infringement was not the charge the men faced, instead it was conspiracy to defraud to which all 5 pleaded guilty.

This case marks the first time that a group of movie releasers have ever gone to court in the UK and the future is not looking bright for them. Statistics given by FACT during the hearing were significant, the men were supposed to have released 9000 movies which have been viewed by 5 million people.Â

At the end of the hearing the Defendants were released on bail, but we have to wait until later this year for sentencing.Â

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