Filing patent applications by electronic means

It is imperative to appreciate that electronic applications can be submitted online at any time barring the hours between 1:00 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. (UK time). Furthermore, a person using the pertinent software and hardware, or the web interface to deliver an electronic application should also furnish their email address.

With respect to delivering  smart-card applications online, a user needs to be registered and have an account with the Patent office and must be registered for PKI certification. Moreover, the user will need to employ appropriate software for an online smart-card application their computer should have a version of Microsoft Windows® that is compatible with the software of the Patent office. Additionally, the application must be sent online to the URL address that the user has received from the Patent office.

Alternatively, a smart-card application could be delivered on digital media. However in this regard, the application has to be companioned by a paper document confirming that the digital media comprises an application for a patent. It should also articulate the contact details of the individual applying for the patent and provide a list of apposite forms and documents constituting the application which are stored on the digital media.

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