Fighting the Trolls

We take copyright claims very seriously and think it is essential that right holders have an effective way of preventing someone from infringing their works. However, over the last ten year or so there has been a significant increase in so called copyright trolls who claim usually on the basis of some spurious expert’s report that their work has been downloaded without their permission.Â

The evidence, relates solely to an IP address ie the name is on the ISP’s bill. Once identified you will then be sent three perhaps four letters demanding a sum of money or “we sue”. The sum of money is in the region of £600.00.

So since 2008 we have been aware of the following – (now defunct) Solicitors Davenport Lyons campaigns here

Then in 2010 ACS Law’s campaigns (which also ended in tears and the main protagonist being suspended)

Then in 2012 the porn barons jumped back on the bang wagon and sent tens of thousands of letters

And finally the most recent and possibly the worst of the bunch for its cynical attempts to grind out £600 from the ISP is TCYK…

I also understand that we are set for more of this…so please don’t panic – get in touch

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